Activating Your Daily Goal Meter

Activating your Daily Goal Meter has many benefits. You’re probably wondering– What is a Daily Goal Meter and how do you activate it?

First, you click on the activate button on your Swagbucks homepage after creating an account. If you forget to do this, don’t worry! You can activate your Daily Goal Meter at anytime.




Once you have done that, you are ready to start earning SB! Each activity you complete that goes towards the Daily Goal Meter will help you get that much closer to reaching to your Daily Goal. Click here to find out what earning verticals do not go towards your DGM. Reaching your Daily Goal every day means you qualify for an even bigger SB bonus!


If you didn’t already know, these bonuses will be awarded by 6:59pm AEDT on the 5th of the following month.

How do you earn this bonus? The Daily Goal Meter, of course!

Here are some important things to take note of, regarding the Daily Goal Meter:

  1. Goal 1 and Bonus — this Goal drives your winning streaks and monthly bonus
  2. The Daily Goal Meter is personalized based on your earning behavior plus an additional bonus
  3. Winning Streaks and Badges that show how you are progressing throughout the month

Each day, you’ll see a goal meter that displays a blue bar for Goal 1 (below, left) and a red bar for Total Goal (below, right). Your streaks are based off of Goal 1 — hitting this goal will get you your monthly bonus.

Total Goal is your opportunity to earn a little extra – something we KNOW you love!


Clicking “Show My Winning Streaks” will roll out a list of all the badges you can earn each month. Unlock them as you go throughout the month and we’ll pay you the bonus!



Go get ’em!!

-Team Swagbucks