Tips & Tricks: Swag Codes

Every day Swagbucks offers new ways to earn SB! Whether you are a seasoned Swagbucks veteran or a Swagbucks newbie these Swagbucks Tips & Tricks might just be what gets you to that next Gift Card redemption. Today’s topic, redeeming Swag Codes.

What are Swag Codes?

I’m sure most of you are already familiar with Swag Codes, but for those who are new here is a quick explanation. Swag Codes are strings of text that you can redeem for instant SB. Each Swag Code is worth a certain number of SB and is only available within a specific time frame. Swag Codes will vary in SB value, ranging from 2-3 SB, with higher amounts during Swag Code Extravaganzas and special promotions.

What are the different types of Swag Codes?

  • Static Codes– These codes are universal and can be found and shared easily.
  • Stealth Swag Codes – Unlike Static Swag Codes, these cannot be shared because every user gets a different Swag Code. Stealth Swag Codes are one-time use unique Swag Codes. They look a little longer than normal Swag Codes but they are just as rewarding.
  • Linked Swag Codes – Sometimes we will release two linked Swag Codes at the same time. That means you will only be able to redeem one of the two Swag Codes. Just think of it as a fun little poll. These Swag Codes are also case-sensitive so make sure you capitalize the characters capitalized in the Swag Code Alert.

Where do I look for Swag Codes?

We know what you’re thinking, where can you find these Swag Codes? Swag Codes are hidden in the different earning opportunities on Swagbucks as well as Swagbucks social profiles including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There are three main ways that we notify members when a Swag Code is live.

  1. The Swagbucks Facebook Page: Swag Code alerts are always available on the Swagbucks Facebook Page. When the Swag Code goes live a post on Facebook will either include the Swag Code or direct you where to go. There is also a feature on Facebook to turn on notifications for specific pages.
  2. SwagButton – The SwagButton is a browser extension that can be added to Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. If you have the SwagButton installed you will get an alert on the top right of your browser directing you where to go when a Swag Code is live. That’s just one of many perks of installing the SwagButton!
  3. Swagbucks Mobile App – As long as you enable push notifications on the Swagbucks Mobile App you will receive push notifications when a Swag Code goes live. The Swagbucks Mobile App is available for both iOS and Android devices and has many other ways to earn SB.

How do I redeem Swag Codes?

Most Swag Codes can be redeemed in one of three ways:

  1. Swag Code box – Take a look at the header on Swagbucks on desktop. See that little dial in the center that says Swag Code on it? Click on it and either type or copy and paste the Swag Code and click “Redeem”. Your SB will instantly be credited to your account.
  2. SwagButton – If you have the SwagButton browser extension simply click on the Swagbucks logo on the top right of your browser window, then click on Swag Code and type or copy and paste the Swag Code and click “Redeem Swag Code”. That’s it, instant SB.
  3. Swagbucks Mobile App – Assuming you have the Swagbucks Mobile App installed on your mobile device simply open the app and click on the lock dial icon on the top right (to the left of the search icon). Type in your Swag Code and the SB are yours.

For all of our veteran Swag Code Redeemers, here’s some new information:

New Times:

To help get everyone involved in these very rewarding codes, we’re spreading the love to other times of day. A Swag Codes can go live anytime between 7AM AEDT and 5PM AEDT. Make sure you have your notifications set up so you don’t miss out on a Swag Code!

That sure was a lot of information about Swag Codes but there is still more to know. Don’t worry Swaggernauts, once I’m done with you, you won’t ever miss another Swag Code.

Swagbucks Pro-Tip:

When redeeming a Stealth Swag Code it is preferable to copy and paste it into the Swag Code box. Also, make sure when copying and pasting that you don’t include an extra space.

Well now that you’re a Swag Code expert, go out there and earn! Stay tuned for more Tips & Tricks every week!

-Team Swagbucks