Movies, Music, TV, and Games… Oh My!

We’re having a Swag IQ Extravaganza Tomorrow!

Question… Do you have any Free Rejoins left from your most recent Swago Spin & Win? Well, we’re giving you the chance to get the most out of them by having FOUR Swag IQ games tomorrow. Yes, you read that correctly, FOUR!

Here’s how it will work:

The fun kicks off at 8AM AEST.

Want to know what topics to brush up on…

Lights, Camera, Action… Test your MOVIE trivia at 8AM AEST.
Hit the right note when you test your MUSIC trivia at 9AM AEST.
Like board games as a kid? Then TOYS & GAMES trivia is for you – 10AM AEST.
Kick back with your TV dinner for some TELEVISION trivia at 11AM AEST.

Each game will be worth $1,000 and as always, a BONUS SB for select correct answers. Increase your chances of winning some BIG SB and be sure to use your free rejoins to stay in the game!

Team Swagbucks

** Please Note: All Spin & Win Free Rejoins awarded in September expire 30 days after they were added to your account. You may use your Free Rejoin in Swag IQ up to once per game any time before they expire.