DIY of the Week: Mason Jar Lights

This fun DIY project will light up your outdoor space all summer long! This project is courtesy of Country Living, here’s how it’s done.


Blue Mason Jars

Embroidery Thread Set

Super Glue or Gel Adhesive

Heavy Duty White Suede

Tea lights


1. Measure & Cut: Start by measuring the suede around the neck of your Mason jar and cut it where it just barely overlaps. Cut a total of 3 strips at this length. Next, cut the remaining suede cord into 9 equal strips so you have 3 strips per Mason jar for hanging.

2. Loop, Wrap, Repeat: Taking a strip of your long suede, fold one end over a short strip, creating a small loop around the suede, and glue it closed. Wrap embroidery thread around the glued spot to add a hint of color and cleverly hide your wielding work. Repeat this process twice more on the same short strip so you have three long strips hanging from it. Then glue the ends of the short strip together, creating a loop to fit around your jar, and wrap your glued spot with embroidery thread once more.

3. Make Your Hook: Last step for your harness is to make your hook. Do this by taking the ends of your three long strips and creating a loop about three inches long. Dab some glue where the ends meet the rest of the cord, then wrap embroidery thread around your glued spot to secure it.

4.Harness Your Jar: Unscrew the lids and slip a harness over the mouth and down to the neck or each jar. Then screw just the outer rim of the lid back onto the jar. All that’s left to do is drop a tea light in and hang them in your favorite setting.