DIY Of The Week: Rope Wrapped Candleholders

This week’s DIY is Stone Gable’s version of Pottery Barn Inspired Rope Wrapped Candleholders! These can be made using simple dollar store materials or supplies from your local craft store and could be used as a centerpiece or just a fun way to add some beachfront vibes to your home.

Photo from Stone Gable

What you’ll need:

Glass cylinder candleholder and candles
Crafting rope
Assorted seashells or starfish from a craft store.


  1. Using hot glue, adhere the rope to the bottom front of the glass cylinder.
  2. Wrap the rope around the glass cylinder gluing as you go.
  3. Wrap the rope around the cylinder about one third the way up from the bottom. Cut and glue the rope to the cylinder to finish.
  4. Hot glue a beach element to the front of the cylinder.
  5. Make another!!!! And then add a candle!

See the full tutorial here.